NEW’S | Contract for preparation of preliminary study for expansion of Pico aerodrome runway signed

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The Regional Secretariat for Tourism, Mobility and Infrastructures has just signed a contract with A1V2 – Engenharia Civil e Arquitetura, Lda., for the preparation of a preliminary study with a view to expanding the runway of the Pico Island aerodrome, following a public tender procedure.

The study in question has an estimated cost of 113,500 Euros, plus VAT at the legal rate in force, and a completion period of 150 days.

“This Government has always made a clear commitment to expanding the runway of Pico airport and this is further proof that we have kept our word,” said Berta Cabral, the Regional Secretary for Tourism, Mobility and Infrastructures. 

The tender specifications require a “preliminary study to be carried out on the runway expansion project to reach a take-off runway length (TORA) of 2,345 metres,” about 700 metres longer than the current runway.

The expansion project intends to “improve operating conditions, particularly in adverse weather conditions and reduce the number of flight cancellations,” while also increasing “commercial capacity, with an increase in cargo and passenger capacity and the range of aircraft with the maximum take-off weight,” according to the tender specifications.

Berta Cabral explained that “this study will provide information regarding the safety protection areas that will be essential and where it will be imperative to take action, that is, what excavations, demolitions and land occupation interventions will be necessary.”

The results of this initial study will be subsequently used to conduct a heritage impact study, which is a key element in the consultation process with UNESCO to ascertain that the runway expansion project has no impact on the classification of the Vineyard Landscape.

The tender specifications also state that “this study should define the constraints on the operation as well as the solutions that may be accepted by the Aviation Authority, taking into account the existing constraints and/or alternative proposals that prove to be technically and/or economically more advantageous, with a view to enhancing the operations, without limitations, by the following aircraft: A321 Neo, A320 Neo, A320 Ceo, B737-900, B737-800 and B737-700.”


Mauricio De Jesus
Maurício de Jesus é o Diretor de Programação da Rádio Ilhéu, sediada na Ilha de São Jorge. É também autor da rubrica 'Cronicas da Ilha e de Um Ilhéu' que é emitida em rádios locais, regionais e da diáspora desde 2015.