AZORES | Salary Increase Support Mechanism covers more than 21 thousand workers

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The Regional Government, through the Regional Secretariat for Youth, Vocational Training and Employment, is already processing the payment of the support provided under the Salary Increase Support Mechanism (MAIS), a measure that covers more than 21 thousand workers (21,357) in the Region. 

A total of 2.515 companies have applied for MAIS, with 62% of the applications already approved.

As explained by the Regional Secretary for Youth, Vocational Training and Employment, “more than 60% of the applications were submitted for support to the increase of the average salary.” With this measure, the Azorean Government “is supporting salary increases of 9% on average, above the figures stipulated by the measure in question”. 

“In addition to having an immediate effect on the salary increase of Azoreans, the MAIS measure converges with employment promotion policies, recognising the importance of occupations and attracting talent, which we must stimulate through public policy measures that aim, precisely, to accelerate these gains,” she said. 

The Salary Increase Support Mechanism was approved by the Council of the Government on February 2 and is part of a wide range of measures intended to support families and companies in the face of inflation.

This support measure focuses on the increase in the average salary, whenever it is verified that companies report, as of January 2023, an increase in the average salary of the company’s workers equal to or higher than 5.8%, in relation to the wage measure recorded in December 2022.

In the case of the minimum salary increase, this support is granted, whenever it is verified, according to the salary statement for December 2022, that the worker received a base salary lower than the Monthly Minimum Salary in the Autonomous Region of the Azores for 2023.


Mauricio De Jesus
Maurício de Jesus é o Diretor de Programação da Rádio Ilhéu, sediada na Ilha de São Jorge. É também autor da rubrica 'Cronicas da Ilha e de Um Ilhéu' que é emitida em rádios locais, regionais e da diáspora desde 2015.