AZORES | President of the Government confirms with Agricultural Federation support measures for the sector

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The President of the Regional Government, José Manuel Bolieiro, accompanied by the Regional Secretary for Agriculture, António Ventura, met today with the President of the Azores Agricultural Federation, Jorge Rita. This meeting had already been scheduled before the elections and was intended to analyse the measures in force to support farming.

At the meeting, José Manuel Bolieiro recalled that the productive economy is a political priority of his government, as evidenced, for example, in the Partnership Agreement signed with various social partners, including the Agricultural Federation.

The document includes clear references for the future and shows that the Regional Government is committed to the success of this sector.

The Government’s commitment to continue supporting the early payment of EU support for the dairy premium is among the measures to support the sector.

Direct support for young farmers in the reduction of Social Security payments and support for all farmers as far as the increase in interest rates is concerned are also measures agreed upon between the Government and the Federation.

Additionally, the Support for the purchase of maize or sorghum seeds, the application of early retirement and the continuation of the end of apportionments, unlike what happens in Mainland Portugal, will remain in force, as this measure has secured more income for Azorean farmers.

The Regional Government, in agreement with the Agricultural Federation, wants to continue the policy of converting dairy production into meat production, while also maintaining support for the voluntary reduction of milk production.

As far as meat production is concerned, it should also be noted that support has been paid for the slaughter of beef cattle due to the negative effects of Covid-19 on prices.

During the meeting, the opening of 3,000 suckler cow rights for all the islands was also recalled, as well as the fact that the Azorean Agrifood Observatory is in the final stages of implementation.

The Common Agricultural Policy Strategic Plan (PEPAC), with support measures to achieve specific targets for the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), will receive applications from Azorean farmers for investment in farms.

The ongoing dialogue with the Agricultural Federation has borne fruit in terms of greater assertiveness in defining public policies, with an in-depth knowledge of the sector’s priorities.


Mauricio De Jesus
Maurício de Jesus é o Diretor de Programação da Rádio Ilhéu, sediada na Ilha de São Jorge. É também autor da rubrica 'Cronicas da Ilha e de Um Ilhéu' que é emitida em rádios locais, regionais e da diáspora desde 2015.