PICO | Maritime museum’s application for Regional Museum Network submitted

© Governo dos Açores | Foto: SREAC

The Regional Secretary for Education and Cultural Affairs, Sofia Ribeiro, announced today the application of the Maritime Museum owned by the family of Mestre José Melo, located in the parish of Santo Amaro do Pico, for the Regional Network of Museums and Visitable Collections of the Azores.

“This is a way of preserving the legacy of Mestre José Melo and ensuring that it is passed on to new generations, thus disseminating this legacy beyond these doors,” she emphasised.

The Pico Maritime Museum already existed and was managed by the family of MestreJosé Melo. For the Regional Secretary for Education and Cultural Affairs, this application marks the beginning of a process for the “creation of “museum areas in the territory” of Santo Amaro do Pico.

As the government official explained, the process launched with this application involves the use of technical and human resources from the Regional Directorate for Cultural Affairs, so that they can work on the Museum’s collection, “conferring scientific value and honouring its history.”

“The Azores have a rich history and culture, whether private, public or even religious. We can and must, in a coordinated manner, work on all this estate by bringing a new dimension, relevance and scientific value to it,” she stressed.

According to Sofia Ribeiro, the next step will be taken “in conjunction” with the Tourism sector, so as to integrate all museums and visitable collections “in ways to promote Azorean culture.”

The session for the presentation of the application was also attended by the Regional Director for Cultural Affairs and the Director of the Pico Museum, Coordinator of the Regional Network of Museums and Visitable Collections.


Mauricio De Jesus
Maurício de Jesus é o Diretor de Programação da Rádio Ilhéu, sediada na Ilha de São Jorge. É também autor da rubrica 'Cronicas da Ilha e de Um Ilhéu' que é emitida em rádios locais, regionais e da diáspora desde 2015.